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Community Impact
The NWLF collaborates with schools and organizations throughout the area, serving students with high needs and who often lack a depth of resources.  Through grants of books, we work to fill the shelves of local school libraries, provide additional classroom resources, host author visits and purchase books for community organizations engaged in educational programs. 

With a rich history of focusing on young readers, collaborating with schools and building effective community partnerships, Northwest Literacy Foundation has provided over 160,000 new books to children, schools and community groups.

One of the unique aspects to the work of the Northwest Literacy Foundation is the commitment to work with local independent book sellers. From All for Kids Books and Music, to the University of Washington Bookstore and now our new partner, Eagle Harbor Book Company on Bainbridge Island, we invest grant dollars for books in our local community.

Over the past four years NWLF book grants have included a wide range of Seattle Public School libraries including Dunlap, Emerson, Cooper, Concord, Rainier View, Roxhill, Thurgood Marshall, Bailey Gatzert, Whitworth, Van Asselt and John Muir.  Middle school book grants have been awarded to Aki Kurose, Chinook (Highline School District), McClure, Meany and the Bilingual Orientation Center.  Cleveland High School also received books for a reading seminar class piloted by two graduate students from the University of Washington serving students at-risk for not graduating.

Author visits at Highland Park, Concord and Dunlap as well as Bailey Gatzert and Aki Kurose were combined with the purchase of classroom sets of books to extend the learning experience. Community organizations who have partnered with NWLF during the past four years include Friends of the Children, Metrocenter YMCA Seattle Rotary Education Center, Invest in Youth, Country Doctor Community Health Centers and Rainier Scholars.
Katy Ellingsen, Dunlap Elementary
"We were one of the fortunate schools to receive one of your grants of $3000 for books. When Rene' Kirkpatrick called me up in December to tell me that our schools would be receiving this money my stomach sank (in a good way). At first I thought it was some type of joke but then I had her repeat what she said, and then I started shaking.

I was so excited about getting the new books that I started making room for them way before they arrived. Before the books were out on the shelves, I rolled out the cart they were on and showed the intermediate classes. I don't think I've ever seen them that excited.

One request from a 5th grade teacher was for getting easy chapter books for low level readers. We have a nice size collection of fiction chapter books and picture books but not a lot of in between that would get the interest of some of our readers. 5th graders want to be reading chapter books like their friends. Well, that problem is now solved. The majority of the chapter books I picked out were hi/low books. Miami Jackson, Frankly Frannie, My Weird School Dazes, Go Girl, Stink, Pet Vet, and Clubhouse Mysteries series are just some of the books Dunlap purchased with your donation.

At this time my problem is keeping the NW Literacy books on the shelf. If that is a problem, that is a problem I would gladly take any day.

All schools face budget problems and the libraries usually take that brunt of the financial burden. Our school is no different but we have no PTA that helps support the library. With the money that the library receives, I usually only have enough money to purchase award books and a couple of popular books the students want to read (Captain Underpants, Diary of the Wimpy Kid). Because of your generous gift to our school library we were able to get books that we would normally not be able to purchase.

Once again, THANK YOU for your generous donation. We will be reading these books for years (or until the pages fall out or the covers fall off). It has been the best gift I could have ever imagined for Dunlap!

- Katy Ellingsen
Dunlap Elementary

[Dunlap students wrote over 400 letters to NWLF thanking us for the donation]
Carolyn Rancour, Chinook M.S. Teacher-Librarian
The increase in library checkouts at Chinook Middle School.when the library received new books. "This is despite MAP testing virtually closing the library during the first week of April! A huge shout out to our LA teachers and the Northwest Literacy Foundation for their grant."
Kim Meschter, Teacher Librarian, Chinook Middle School
Marcia Kauzlarich, Madrona Elementary School Librarian
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